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Seeking To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

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Seeking to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage:
A Guide For Men

Letters of Recommendation

What Men Are Saying About This Book

I finished reading Ric's book and my wife said, “I don't think I've ever seen you finish a book,” to which I responded, “I was waiting for one that had something to say!” I really enjoyed this light-hearted yet meaningful book. I learned from it; now let's see if I can execute what I learned.

– Mark Swetitch, happy husband, and Site Manager, BASF Construction Chemicals

I've known Ric for many years. He's my friend and mentor. He has a great marriage, and he's funny and intelligent. Ric has produced this witty and easy-reading book for all of us men looking to build strong and fulfilling marriages that honor God. Come out of your cave to the light in Seeking to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage.

– Darryl Wooldridge, happy husband and father, and Founder of DeepLight Ministries

Men need to read this book! Ric gives many humorous examples that made the reading fun. The book is distinctively Christian, but is in no way “preachy.” And, it has excellent review questions at the end of each chapter that will serve well as a men's group discussion resource.

– John Thornton, happy husband and father, and Pastor of Visitation and Host of Radio Good News

Seeking to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage is a practical and much needed guide for husbands of all types. Any man, no matter how long he's been married, will gain from Ric's wisdom. This one small step for you as a man can be a giant step for your marriage.

– Tim Foutz, happy husband and father, and school teacher

Walston surveyed more than 100 women for his book. Who better to explain ways to a successful marriage than married women? Churches would do well to put this resource in the hands of all their men. Oh, and since I personally know at least one of the women who responded to Ric's survey, I plan to read this book at least once a year!

–Dr. Brad Stewart, committed husband and father, and Executive Director of the Seattle Coalition of Men's Ministries

We all know the divorce statistics. For men puzzled as to why their wives feel unhappy, yes, even after all they do for them, Ric Walston provides the needed halftime adjustments (in this lighthearted volume).

– Douglas Batson, happy husband, and National Certified Counselor

Seeking to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage provides men with the down-to-earth and practical wisdom that we need for a successful marriage. Dr. Walston's humorous examples and illustrations help to show how Biblical truth intersects with real life. This book is written with the love of a husband, the mind of a professor, and the heart of a pastor that encourages men to honor God and please their wives.

– Victor Borchard, committed husband of one and father of two, Associate Pastor at Calvary Church of Grants Pass, Oregon.

In this unique resource, Walston helps men become more aware of the responsibilities of creating a healthy and a dynamic marriage.

– Dr. James Grassi, happy husband and father, and Founder/President Men's Ministry Catalyst

One woman reviewed the book:

I loved it. Easy read, but entertaining and thought provoking. Let's hope men read it!

– JT

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Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 84
ISBN: 978-0-557-08131-8
Publisher: Lulu
Copyright: © 2009 Rick Walston
Publish Date: 2009

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