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Seeking To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

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Something Happened on the Way to Happily Ever After: A Biblical View of Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

What does the Bible really say about Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage? Where does the divorced person stand with regard to remarriage or ministry? This book is an easy reading explanation of what God has to say about these important issues. It is truly A Biblical View of Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage.

“Finally, truth and sense emerge from the fog of confusion and shame. Through this book, many will finally understand these issues from a biblical perspective.”—Marianne Stewart, Pastor of Women’s Ministries, The Summit, Evangelical Free Church of America, Enumclaw, WA

"A painful subject treated with love and gentle humor by a masterful Bible teacher. Dr. Walston's wit, insight, and careful explanations capture the attention using real examples from his own pastoral experience. The scholarship engages without overwhelming."—Roger Baker, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Brackettville, TX

“Rick Walston writes with the brilliance of a scholar, the warmhearted concern of a pastor, and the familiarity of a long-cherished friend . . . but be forewarned: you will also be entertained, challenged, and educated in many other areas of thought.”—Dr. David W. Bailey, Senior Pastor of Reformation Baptist Church, Tavares, FL

“I find this book to be beyond helpful. It deals with this subject with clarity, courage, and conviction. Rick is never strident, self-righteous, or condescending, but at the same time, he maintains an unflinching commitment to let the Scriptures guide us through this demanding subject and its attendant difficulties. He accomplishes this with deep compassion, sound biblical reasoning, and when appropriate, healthy doses of good humor.”—Dale Evrist, Senior Pastor, New Song Christian Fellowship Foursquare Church, Brentwood, TN

Table Of Contents

Introductory Remarks
For The Normal Christian

Chapter 1: God Regulates Divorce and Remarriage
It's Just Wrong
Divorce, Candy, and Rat Poison
Moses Regulated Divorce and Remarriage
Jesus Regulated Divorce and Remarriage
Paul Regulated Divorce and Remarriage
Misunderstanding Paul
Conclusion: God Regulates Divorce and Remarriage
Study Questions For Chapter 1

Chapter 2: The Divorced and Remarried
Even More Disturbing
Keep Paying Your Tithes
Don't Let Them Treat You that Way
Love the Sinner
God is a Divorcé
A Justified Divorce
Study Questions For Chapter 2

Chapter 3: What is Marriage?
The Bitter Woman
The Three Marriage Models
Marriage Model # 1: An Invention of Necessity
Marriage Model # 2: A Convention of Society
Consequence Clauses
Marriage Model # 3: A Covenant of Marriage
By Death Alone
Capital Punishment
Not Optional
The Biblical Concept of Marriage
God-Ordained Marriage
Polygamy and Monogamy
Heterosexual Marriages Only
The Marriage Covenant
Study Questions For Chapter 3

Chapter 4: God Hates Divorce
God Hates Divorce: The Context
What God Hath Joined Together
Old Testament Legislation of Divorce
Moses and Divorce
A Certificate of Divorce
A Certificate of Explanation
For What Reason?
Hillel and Shammai
Not Adultery
Study Questions For Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Paul on Divorce
Paul's Words are God's Words
No Divorce for Christian Couples
Christians Forbidden to Initiate
Divorce from Unbelievers
If the Unbeliever Departs
Study Questions For Chapter 5

Chapter 6: Jesus on Divorce
Jesus, Desire-Beliefs, and Divorce
The Believer May Initiate Divorce
Fornication Defined
Semantic Anachronism
The History of the Word Fornication
Fornication Breaks Marriage Covenant in the Old Testament & in the New Testament
Fornication is Adultery, Incest, and Homosexuality
Sex With His Father's Wife
Jesus Never Used The Word Fornication
The King James Bible and a Modern-day Dictionary
Spiritual Adultery
Concluding Remarks
Study Questions For Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Remarriage Restrictions
Remarriage After the Spouse Has Died
Remarriage After Divorce
Remarriage Restrictions
Remarriage Restriction # 1: The First Husband
Where Are They Now?
Does it Apply Today?
Remarriage Restriction # 2 The Priests
Remarriage Restriction # 3 Without Just Cause
Remarriage Restriction # 4 Christian Couples
Study Questions For Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Remarriage Options
Is Remarriage Ever an Option?
Beyond God's Regulations
The Exception Clause
Extent of Exception Clauses
Paul's Exception
Remarriage—A New Covenant
A Scriptural Example
Study Questions For Chapter 8

Chapter 9: An Unrepentant Continual State of Adultery
Hardhearted Betty
How Many Adulteries to be Stoned?
Our Theology Has Consequences
Study Questions For Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Pastoral Practicalities Counseling People With Regard to Divorce and Remarriage
Eric and Janna
A Necessary Digression
The News is Bleak
Do Not Accept One Passage At The Exclusion of Another
When in Rome?
From Enemies of God to Children of God
What About Matthew 18?
Study Questions For Chapter 10

Chapter 11: The Husband of One Wife
Various Interpretations
1 Timothy 3:1-7
Titus 1:5-9
The Four Options
Idea # 1: Divorce and Remarriage
How Jesus' Teachings Relate
Is It Divorce and Remarriage?
Divorce and Remarriage Before Conversion
Idea # 2 Single Men Should not be Elders
Idea # 3 Marital Fidelity
Idea # 4 Polygamy
Going Beyond The Holiness of God
Study Questions For Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Spousal Abuse
Can a Man Break Faith by Abuse?
Spousal Abuse Defined
Physical Abuse
Grounds for Divorce?
The Occasion of Paul's Writing to the Corinthians
The One Flesh Bond between Husband and Wife
Love Your Wives
Husbands To Be A Shelter From The Storm
A Tall Order To Fill
Where Are The Limits
Child Abuse
Desertion as Grounds for Divorce
Study Questions For Chapter 12

Chapter 13: Myth Busters
Myth # 1 Making Honest Women
More Destructive Myths
Some Myths About Love
Romantic Love
The Grass is Not Greener on the Other Side of the Fence
Mature Love is a Choice, Not An Emotion
Some Myths About Divorce
1 in 2
Second Marriages Are More Successful
Being Unhappy is A Good Reason to Get a Divorce
Divorce is Better for the Children
Myths About Christians and Divorce Rates
The 1 in 1,152 Myth
Inconsistent Premise
Divorce Rate Surveys Are About What Happened
Spousal Prayer is Good
Study Questions For Chapter 13

Chapter 14: Commitment and Involvement
Fair-Weather Commitment
Commitment An Essential Ingredient
The Jesus Commitment
Not Ready to Commit? Don't Get Married
Study Questions For Chapter 14

Chapter 15: A Gem of Marriage Wisdom
Bite Your Tongue
Let it Go
Study Questions For Chapter 15

Chapter 16: A Review and Summation
Forbidding or Regulating?
Second Class Citizens?
The Marriage Covenant
I Hate Divorce
No Divorce For Christians
If The Unbeliever Wants A Divorce
Remarriage Restrictions
Remarriage Options
An Unrepentant Continual State of Adultery?
Do Not Accept One Passage At The Exclusion of Another
The Husband of One Wife
Going Beyond The Holiness of God
Spousal Abuse
Desertion as Grounds for Divorce
The Myths
Divorce Rates
Commitment and Involvement
A Gem of Marriage Wisdom
Final Study Questions
A Few Suggested Resources
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