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All Coffee Talks are by Ric Walston unless otherwise noted

181) Announcing the CES Press Publishing Imprint — Get Published Through CES
180) “I can do all [THESE] things through Christ who strengthens me.” A short lesson in context.
179) Unlocking the Gifts in You: Talk Show Video, with Rick Walston, Marion Ingegneri, and Dale Evrist
An Interesting Conversation on top of Mt Peak. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.
177) My Interview with Dr. Anthony Gill, professor of political science at the University of Washington and distinguished senior fellow at Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion: "Rick Walston on Distance Learning & Seminary Education"
Where is Apologetics Heading?
175) Vapors of Hope by Carmen DiCello
174) R.I.P. Words That Have Died
173) The Top 10 Graduate Programs in Christian Apologetics
172) Live and Let Live?
171) Christianity: Either All In or All Out

Apologetics315 Interview with Rick Walston
169) Thoughts on Interpretive Grids: Interpreting the Bible

Alive! Thoughts on Jesus' Resurrection by Carmen DiCello
167) Twenty Years and Counting: CES' 20th Anniversary
166) True Faith Without Obedience?
165) Seeking to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage: a Guide For Men (Chapter 2)
Affiliate Status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education
Is the Holy Spirit a Person or an It?
162) Book Review: The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith by Peter Hitchens
161) Is God Complex? The Dawkins Delusion
160) Grammar Question
159) What Makes Successful Distance Learners?
158) Anti Arminianism & Catigating Calvinism
157) Operation DipScam by Allen Ezell, FBI Agent, Retired
156) A Hardening of the Categories: Growing Old Gracefully
155) Quotation Marks Can Be Funny
154) Just an Evangelist?
153) What is Religious Tolerance? by Eric Odell-Hein
152) A CHRISTIAN MUSLIM EPISCOPAL PRIESTESSTrumped Toothpaste, & Dual Faiths? by Dr. Randy Weiss: CES Faculty Member
151) Is Hinduism Monotheistic? Part II
The Shack is Somewhat Cracked
One or Two Spaces After a Period?
148) Atheists Take a Blind Leap of Faith
147) All Religions are Exclusive by Eric Odell-Hein
146) The Gates of Hell
CES Commencement Speech — 2008
The Twilight Zone of Spirituality by Don Hawkins
Fed by a Raven
142) Statistics and Truth: 1 divorce out of nearly 39,000?

The Tongues Debate by Dr. Edgar Lee & Dr. Ric Walston
The Latest Ideas
Suicide: What’s the problem? by Gregory J. Demme
Ya, Yeah, Advice, Advise, Exorcise, Exercise
National Grammar Day is March 4th
Where Do You Hail From? Interactive . . .
Two Reactions to the Doctrine of Hell by Dr. Steve Cowan
134) Sophisticated or Just Pretentious?
133) The Date Debate of Christ's Birth
132) The Main Ingredient of Christmas
131) Priority, Purpose and Passion
130) Nietzsche Would Laugh by Chuck Colson
129) Of Halloween and Rubber Tanks
128) What Would You Do?
127) Of Cigarettes, Lattés, and Investments by Tyler S. Ramey
126) In Cathedral or Laboratory, It's the Same God by Dr. Francis S. Collins: Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health
125) Why Believe that Jesus is the Only Way? by Dr. Douglas Groothuis: Professor of Philosophy at Denver Seminary
124) Islam and Christianity: Concepts of God's Identity
123) WWJD: How Did Jesus Argue? (Jesus and Logic) by Dr. J. P. Moreland: Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and director of Eidos Christian Center
122) Is Hinduism Monotheistic?
121) Mind and Body Issues
120) The Culleges: The Tertium Quid: Between Good Schools and Diploma Mills

119) A Brief, Critical Response to Kai Nielsen's "Does God Exist? Reflection on Disbelief"
118) Study: Many Pentecostals Don’t Speak in Tongues by Adrienne S. Gaines: News Editor for Charisma Magazine
117) Ah . . . Who Died?
116) You Without Driver's Sin, Cast the First (or middle) Finger
115) Do You Know Roger Nicole? by Dr. David W. Bailey: CES Faculty Member
114) Book Review: Revolution, by George Barna
113) If Jesus Walked into Your Town by Ross Holtz
112) Distance Learning 101 (Christianity Today Article)
111) Full Immersion by Len Bundy
110) Some Caveats: Issues About Accreditation
109) Accreditation 101
(Christianity Today Article)
108) Fifteen Years of CES Ministry
107) God Regulates Divorce and Remarriage
106) It's Not How Much You Make that Makes You What You Are
105) Be Careful What You Ask for, You just might get it
104) Getting Rid of the Bug by Len Bundy
103) Rick Walston's Response to Robert Graves's Review
102) Test (not a Coffee Talk)
101) Is a Degree a Good Investment?
100) The Irish St. Patrick? The Truth is Better than the Legend
99) Some Reasons Why English is so Hard to Learn by anonymous
98) Honorary Degree compared to a Doctor of Ministry?
97) The Imperfections of the First Christmas
96) One Man's Thoughts on Theodicy by Dr. Roger Duke: CES Faculty Member
95) Repeat A Lie Often Enough
94) The Academic Jungle -- Trust Your Guide
93) Did The Jews Kill Christ or Was He the Victim of Identify Theft?
92) Imply versus Infer
91) Historical Narrative versus Didactic
90) Two or at the Most Three: Paul's Evangelistic Imperative
89) Thoughts about Tuition Refunds and Personal Responsibilities by CES Board Member Rick Luiten
88) Knowledge and Attitude
87) April 1, 1991 to April 1, 2004
86) Passionate About the Passion by Dr. Randy Weiss: CES Faculty Member
85) More Fun Stuff on Punctuation
84) Pop Culture and Its Impact
83) A Few Major Differences between Jehovah's Witnesses and Christianity
82) Peace on Earth? and Good Will Between Men?
81) TV Preachers and Your Money
80) Where Else are You Going to Go?
79) A Divine Heathen Encounter
78) Evil is Back, and That's a Good Thing
77) What Kind of Pentecostal? — The Three Waves
76) Fundamentalist Evangelical?
75) God's Dawn: Of Silhouettes, Light, Color, and Truth
74) The Eternality of Hell
73) Loan Borrow Bring Take Titled and Entitled
72) Less Evidence That Demands a Verdict: A Satirical Look at the Christian Witness
71) Unique or One of a Kind?
70) Sail On
69) Chapter Eight Correction of Walston's Guide
68) Second-Class Citizens?
67) Of Straw Men and Those Who Construct Them: "Get a Life"
66) Another Rule Bites the Dust
65) "The Culleges"
64) Today's Devotions: Mark 2:1-12
63) My Theology of the Gifts: 1 Corinthians 12
62) April 2002: CES' Eleventh Anniversary
61) True Discernment or Bandwagon Mentality?
60) Abstain from All Appearance of Evil? Revisiting First Thessalonians 5:22
59) Thanks For the Memories?
58) The "Holy" Movements – Are they from God?
57) Confusion About Spirituality
56) Spiritual Disciplines of Christian Stewardship # 3: Responsible Giving Adds Grace to Your Christianity
55) Spiritual Disciplines of Christian Stewardship # 2: The Undeniable Answer
54) Spiritual Disciplines of Christian Stewardship # 1: The Tithe That Binds
53) The Religiosity Monstrosity
52) Practice Does Not Make Perfect
51) Christians are not Door Mats: Ad Hominem is Alive and Well
50) Never End a Sentence with a Preposition! Oh Really?
49) "Years in School" and "School Years": Not the Same Thing
48) A Letter of Appreciation from a CES Graduate
47) The term "Cult" defined, and Related Issues
46) What Does Playing Pool have to do with Theology? by CES student Rob Myers
45) To Forward or not to Forward?
44) Pop-Culture Truisms That Aren't True
43) America's New Religiosity: "God Bless America, But Don't You Dare Tell Us To Repent!" by Dr. James R. White: CES Faculty Member
42) There is One God and He Does Not Have an Identity Problem: Of Pluralism in Our Society
41) Of Bricks and Mortar: A Real Education?
40) Nuggets
39) Wish You Were Here
38) The Myth of Open-Mindedness: Part II
37) The Myth of Open-Mindedness: A Case Against the New Gnostics
36) Honorary Degrees and Bogus Degree Alert!
35) Today's Topic: Etc., etc., etc.?
34) Of Relatives and Absolutes
33) C.S. Lewis' Lunatic, Liar, or Lord: The Trilemma
32) Mastering the Art of a Loud Opinion: Parts 1 and 2
31) A Not-So-Technical Look at the Art and Science of Biblical Hermeneutics
30) Of Doctoral Degrees and Martial Arts: Some Comments about Accreditation
29) The Point of the Ten Commandments
28) Me, Myself, or I?
27) An Argument for Grammar
26) The latest Ideas
25) Department of Punctuation: The Dreaded Dash
24) Department of Punctuation: Exclamation Points
23) Department of Punctuation: Comma Sense
22) They Call This "Higher" Education?
21) Anguished English: Try And . . . Be Sure And . . . the Mangled Infinitive
20) Thimble-Smart Christians
19) Let us Reason (not rebut) Together (A JW at the Door)
18) Anguished English: Literal (Literally)
17) Coffee and Philosophy
16) The Falsification of Academic Credentials
15) We Still Misrepresent Each Other
14) Bogus Degree Alert!
13) Practicing Ministry Without a License
12) Various Random thoughts
11) Plagiarism and Growth
10) Non-thinking Christians
9) Grammar and Theology: Farther or Further?
8) Taking Jesus' Words in an Intellectually Honest Way
7) Called to Drive a Cab? By Whom?
6) Encouragement
5) No Easy Degrees
4) Education versus Faith
3) Loyalties and Labels
2) April Alliteration At Its All time Apex!
1) The Inaugural Epistle

Coffee Talks that deal with issues related to writing, grammar, and punctuation are marked in dark.

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